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Do you have experience with Eastern
Europe? Then you might be just the
person we are looking for!

At DTK EAST A/S we focus solely on transport and forwarding dry freight to Russia and Eastern Europe from destinations all over Northern Europe. We are continuously on the look-out for new drivers, forwarding agents and account managers who want to make an extra effort to give our customers the best experience with our transportation. Check out our current job vacancies below or submit your unsolicited application today.

Do you dream of making a difference?

At DTK EAST A/S we have some of the transport industry’s most dedicated, committed and experienced people in transport and freight forwarding to Russia and Eastern Europe. We love the challenges our customers give us and the opportunity to arrange fast and secure transportation to any destination in Eastern Europe.

Our staff are characterized by:

  • Having a solution-orientated and positive approach to all of their duties
  • Exhibiting great competence and knowledge of transport, freight forwarding and Eastern Europe
  • Speaking one or more Eastern European languages, as well as either German or English
  • Knowing the people, customs and laws in one or more Eastern European country
  • A passion for precision and to find the most optimal solution for the customer
  • Being conscientious and far-sighted so that we can keep our promises to our customers!

At the same time, they enjoy that they have a job with significant participatory democracy, high decision- making power and responsibility, as well as the joy in finding useful and practical solutions to the challenges that may arise along the way.

We will keep your application for six months

Whether you send an unsolicited application, or you are applying for one of the positions we have posted on this site, we always keep your application for a maximum of six months, which means you will always be first in line the next time we need a new member of staff.

After six months, we will delete your application. So, if you are still interested in working for us at that time, you need to submit a new unsolicited application or apply for one of the current vacancies we have posted.

How to apply for a job at DTK EAST A/S

Applications for advertised positions must be sent by e-mail to the contact e-mail in the job vacancy, and there is also an e-mail address to write to if you have questions regarding the vacancy.

Always submit unsolicited applications to, and please attach a written application and CV to the e-mail.

Remember to write in the e-mail what type of position you are interested in, as well as a summary of who you are, and your education and experience. Then we can quickly assess if you would be the right candidate for a future position with us.


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