We arrange your transport to Eastern Europe

Whether you are sending full-loads or part-loads, or you have some small consignments to be sent to one of the Eastern European countries or Russia, then DTK EAST A/S is ready to help. We have several weekly departures between Northern and Eastern Europe, and we also have space for your dry freight.

All types of transport to Eastern Europe

With over 25 years of experience in transport and freight forwarding to Russia and Eastern Europe, DTK EAST A/S is your logical first choice if you require:

Full-load transport

Track our GPS-guided vehicles directly to your customer.

Part-load transport

Part-loads are consolidated for the most economical transport.

Small consignment transport

Several weekly departures with small consignments to Eastern Europe.

We say what we do and do what we say

At DTK EAST A/S you don’t phone a call centre. You get a fixed contact person who gets to know your company well over time. It’s not like starting from the beginning every time, but rather like calling an old acquaintance who knows you and your company’s transport needs in depth.

Your fixed contact has all the necessary authority to arrange and plan your transport. So what you agree on is how it is done. There are no counter orders or unexpected changes along the way. With us, a deal is a deal, and we stick to it!

Full truckload transport directly to your customer

With full truckload transport, we ship a whole truckload directly from your company to your customer in Russia or Eastern Europe. We use the latest equipment in box, p-trailers and refrigerated trailers, just as we can offer different kinds of special transport.

You get the right transport for your particular products, and with our GPS-guided vehicles, you can track the journey right up until we unload at your customer.

Part-loads are always transported as directly as possible

Less than Truckload (LTL) or part-loads are consolidated so that all part-loads on the same vehicle are transported as directly as possible. This shortens the travel time, saves the environment the extra kilometres on the road, and you get the highest assurance that your shipment arrives on time.

We have several weekly departures with part-loads to both Russia and Eastern Europe from many Northern European destinations. So no matter where you live, we always have a vehicle that passes nearby.

Small consignments on time – every time

If you need to send small consignments to one or more destinations in Eastern Europe, we can always find space for it on one of our many weekly departures. We ship all kinds of dry freight on pallets directly from your business address to the recipient.

All transport is scheduled to drive as directly as possible with your small consignments. Along the way, you can track the shipment via our GPS-guided lorries, and you are notified as soon as we unload at your customer.

Get a quote for transport and freight forwarding to Eastern Europe

Whether you require full-load, part-load or small consignment transport to Russia and Eastern Europe, DTK EAST A/S can arrange it for you. We speak the languages, know the people and differences in culture, and we can handle all the necessary customs paperwork and other documentation.

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