Secure and timely transport and freight forwarding to Eastern Europe

With DTK EAST A/S you get the easiest, fastest and most secure transport and forwarding of your dry freight to Russia and Eastern Europe. We speak the language, know the people and are responsible for all necessary customs paperwork and other documentation.

Sikker og rettidig transport og spedition til Østeuropa

Med DTK East A/S får du den nemmeste, hurtigste og mest sikre transport og spedition af dit tørgods til Ukraine og Østeuropa. Vi taler sproget, kender menneskene og står for alt nødvendigt told- og øvrige papirarbejde.


Several weekly departures


Covering the whole of Eastern Europe

All types of transport
to Eastern Europe

At DTK EAST A/S we transport all types of full-load, part-load and small consignment shipments to Russia and all countries in the Eastern European region.

We use the latest and most climate-friendly equipment for the job, and we can also arrange special transport if required.

We say what we do and do what we say

At DTK EAST A/S you arrange your transport with your fixed contact person who knows your company, your products and your transportation needs in depth.

Your contact person always has all the necessary authority to arrange exactly the transport you need, and we keep our promises and drive as arranged.

We are specialists in Russia and Eastern Europe

At DTK EAST A/S we know the people, speak the languages and know everything about the legislative and customs regulations in each country.

So, with us, there is no problem of understanding or a lack of insight into each country’s circumstances that may delay your shipment.

DTK EAST A/S is part of something bigger

As an independent partner company in DTK Group A/S, we have more than 250 vehicles, warehouses and logistics functions at our disposal in Denmark and Germany, as well as all kinds of specialised equipment for transportation purposes.

So, whatever you require in the way of transportation, we can draw on the other companies in the group. Therefore, we can always solve your transportation needs – even if it’s not necessarily to Eastern Europe.

Track your goods all the way to the customer

With our state of the art, GPS-monitored vehicles and equipment, you can track your shipment all the way
to your customer. It gives you, your customer and us greater confidence that the shipment arrives safely.

Do you need a quote for transport to Eastern Europe?

Fill out the form and we will give you a call! Alternatively, give us a call on +4573 70 80 00 if you want to know more about how we handle your transport to Russia or Eastern Europe.