About DTK East A/S

Your partner for secure transport and freight forwarding to Eastern Europe

If you need to ship small consignments, part-load or full-load shipments to Eastern Europe or Russia, DTK East A/S is the obvious choice. We have several weekly departures between Northern and Eastern Europe, and we also have space for your goods on our lorries.

Whether it’s your first time or you have tried it many times before, you will notice the difference between us and other transport and freight forwarding companies as soon as you get us on the phone. When you phone us, you don’t speak to a call centre. You speak to the people who actually arrange your transport.

They are experienced staff with extensive knowledge of transport and freight forwarding to Eastern Europe and Russia. They can make a decision here and now because they have the skills to do so. So what you agree on is how it is done. We never make empty promises or leave you with unresolved questions.

Fixed contact person with all the necessary authority

When you first become a customer of DTK East A/S, you get a fixed contact person who handles all your transport, regardless of whether it’s full (FTL) or half (LTL) truckloads or small consignment shipments. This means that you don’t have to start from the beginning every time you call us.

Your fixed contact person knows your company’s needs in depth and how we should handle your products. An addition to extensive knowledge of transport and freight forwarding, your fixed contact person also knows all about the situation in the individual countries, often speaks one or several Eastern European languages, and knows all about the special customs rules that apply to each of the Eastern European countries that are outside EU borders.

So, not only do we have extensive knowledge of the specialist expertise behind your transport. We also know all about the people, the culture and the mentality that prevails in Eastern European countries. That’s what makes all the difference when you need your shipment delivered securely and smoothly to your destination.

We can help you with everything: Customs clearance, form filling and obtaining all the necessary certificates and authorizations. One-stop shipping!

Building on over 30 years of experience

DTK East A/S is an independent subsidiary of DTK Group, which means that our company is built on more than 30 years of experience in transport, freight forwarding and logistics.

Honesty, good business acumen, pride and being a team player are the pillars of the DNA we inherited from our parent company. That’s why we have a completely different and much more flexible, reliable and customer-orientated approach to the transport tasks you have.

DTK Group uses a partnership model where staff at the individual companies in the group are committed, experienced and ambitious co-owners. Therefore, we can draw on the other partner companies in DTK Group. So, regardless of what transport and logistics needs you have, we can solve it – also to places other than Eastern Europe.

We follow as you grow

Due to our extensive expertise in Eastern European destinations and our partnership in DTK Group, we have both the knowledge and the capacity to follow as you grow. This applies whether you expand to new markets, must have even more goods transported every month, or need special transport for some of your items.

So, if you need something shipped to Eastern Europe, DTK East A/S is whom you need to get in touch with. Please use the contact form on this page, give us a call on +45 73 70 80 00, or send an e-mail to info@dtk-east.dk. Then we will find the optimal solution for your transport and freight forwarding needs to Eastern Europe or Russia.


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Søren Kusk Mikkelsen
Managing Director
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E: info@dtk-east.dk